I am a copywriter and brand strategist.

The central premise I work under is simple: “Better writing brings better results.”

Whatever tactics you currently employ to deliver your message and drive business: Websites, SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Telemarketing, Social Media, Content marketing, Inbound marketing, Outbound marketing, Digital, Brochures, Post cards, E-mail, New marketing, Traditional marketing, Radio, TV, Signage, Videos - even Networking…

None of these can work if your branding message is trite, predictable and uninspiring. 

Money vs Message

We know, through various studies, that your message is the most important element of your marketing plan.   More important than the media used to convey it to your prospects.  And more important than how much money you spend on marketing and advertising.  Yet, for too many entrepreneurs and small business owners, the branding message is often given short shrift as they strive for calls, traffic, hits, likes, follows, etc. 

One such study, from the prestigious Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania set out to establish an answer to the question, “Which is more predictive of success in marketing and advertising – money or message?”  The final 2500 page report came to three basic conclusions:

  • There is no direct correlation between dollars invested and results gained.
  • Results are inextricably linked to the message.
  • Results increase with repetition.

Craft Your Message BEFORE Deciding On The Delivery Method

If your goal is to boost sales, do yourself a favor - spend your time and maybe some money creating as picture-perfect a branding strategy and message as you can.  And do this before you make any decisions – or spend one thin dime – on how you deliver that message to your prospects.

 An excellent message will interrupt, engage, educate, and move more people to act than a mediocre message.  The result?  Increased revenues, decreased cost per lead and higher conversion rates.  Here, a branding strategy consultant is often an investment that can pay off handsomely down the line.

One of my heroes, Rosser Reeves, chairman of Ted Bates International and copywriting legend, once created a branding message for Rolaids.  He wrote, “How do you spell relief?  R-O-L-A-I-D-S!”  Sound familiar?  Rolaids has been using this same message for over 70 years.  Was hiring Mr. Reeves a great investment for Rolaids?  You better believe it.

Five Reasons To Focus On Your Message First

  1. A unique and superior branding message is the heart of your marketing. It can make you or break you.  No amount of advertising or social media hype can help sell a lousy message.
  2. The message is central to all your marketing efforts.
  3. Well-crafted messaging increases readership and boosts click-through and conversion rates.
  4. It is far less costly to develop superior branding and messaging strategies and tools than it is to deliver that message. In my experience, only about 5% of a five year marketing budget goes to message creation and copywriting.
  5. A well-crafted, successful branding message can be used for many, many years.
  6. Now start thinking about what sets you apart from your competition, what benefits your customer values most and how to get it across to others in a short, easy-to-remember way. If you need help, an experienced, professional copywriting service can increase your business far in excess of the fees charged.  My advice – find a copywriter you can relate to and whose expertise you can rely on.  And then…take your business to the next level – and beyond.


Video 1 - Introduction To The Series

To get the most out of this series watch this video first. The stage will then be set for a productive learning experience for you.

Video 2 - Use the Correct Psychology

The intellectual approach and the emotional approach to business marketers.

Video 3 - Create Your Own Unique Message

Create a unique message for your unique business. Increase response, conversions and sales with a Unique Selling Proposition.

Video 4 - Structure Your Message for Maximum Impact, Part 1

Video 5 - Structure Your Message for Maximum Impact, Part 2

Video 6 - Dynamite Sale Copy, Part 1

Video 8 - Advanced Techniques

Now for Advanced Copywriting Techniques

Video 9 - eMails & Blogs

Make your Emails and Blogs get better open rates and connect with your customers and clients.

Video 10 - Layout & Design

Copy is of primary importance, but the "look and feel" of your piece makes it even better as you will find out here.

Video 11 - The Influencers

Learn a bit about the real "Madmen" and how their influence is still felt on the best copy written to this day.

Video 12 - Real World Examples

Now, armed with the basics, see how others have been successful with these Real World Examples.

Video 13 - Recap & Review

Time to relax and watch a visual Recap and Review of the entire series.

Write Like A Madman Bonus Audio Set

Click the PLAY button to play the audio files on your phone, tablet or computer.

1 Introduction To The Series

2 Use The Correct Psychology

3 Create Your Unique Message

4 Structure Your Message Part 1

5 Structure Your Message Part 2

6 Dynamite Sales Copy Part 1

7 Dynamite Sales Copy Part 2

8 Advanced Copy Techniques

9 Writing Emails and Blogs Copy

10 A Bit About Layout and Design

11 Original Madmen The Influencers

12 Real World Copywriting Examples

13 Music Only for Recap and Review

Bonus 1 - The John Boyens’ Credibility Letter

The best pure Prospecting Letter Template I can imagine. Builds credibility from the get-go and dramatically increases your chances of a positive response.

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Bonus 2 - How To Sell A High Value Service

Some say selling a service - especially one involving Real Money - is the toughest marketing task. Try this 5-Step Process that can help you disprove that idea in a flash.

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Bonus 3 - How To Be A Trade Show Pro

One of the dirty little secrets of most Trade Show Exhibitors is, because they're not prepared they seldom, if ever, get enough business out of a show to even cover costs. Make your next (or first) Trade Show your best ever.

Only Available By Subscription

Bonus 4 - 39 Timeless Tips From The “Madmen”

A simple but powerful guide loaded with timeless wisdom I learned from the greatest minds in marketing and advertising - the original Madmen.

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Bonus 5 - 9 Set-Their-Minds-At-Ease Risk Reducers

When prospects don't know you or have any experience doing business with you, they feel nervous. To calm their anxieties, use these good, proven Risk Reducers for a more sales and happier customers.

Only Available By Subscription

Bonus 6 - 15 Rules For Writing A Press Release

Press Releases must follow the rules set out by media. Why? Because free (or earned) media can pick up your story or "circular file" it at their whim. All you can do to help with their decision is to follow these 15 Rules.

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5 Fatal Blunders

Key Troubleshooting Guide helps you fix 5 common messaging errors and boost sales. Includes clarifying case studies.

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9 Reasons Why Marketing Fails

Common Sense Solutions for common marketing mistakes. Contains actual examples of the right way to do it. Don't be without this.

Make It Memorable

You want people to remember the words you write, right? The more the reader remembers, the more sales you make. These 5 Advanced Techniques are proven to aid recall.

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MAX IMPACT Letters & E-Mail

Valuable Template for constructing communications that work. Don’t wing it. Use this proven formula.
(Also see Video #9)

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