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1 - Introduction to the Series Click Image For FREE Preview

To get the most out of this series watch this video first. The stage will then be set for a productive learning experience for you.

2 - Use the Correct Psychology

The intellectual approach and the emotional approach to business marketers.

3 - Create Your Own Unique Message

 Create a unique message for your unique business. Increase response, conversions and sales with a Unique Selling Proposition.

4 - Structure For Maximum Impact Part 1

Step-by-step to creating the most effective pieces for your business marketing.

5 - Structure For Maximum Impact Part 2

The steps to marketing success continue with the "AIDA" code and compelling offers.

6 - Writing Dynamite Sales Copy Part 1

With your marketing structure in place here are the basics for writing copy that maximizes your sales.

7 - Writing Dynamite Sales Copy Part 2

More on the basics for writing copy that maximizes your sales.

8 - Advanced Copywriting Techniques

Now for Advanced Copywriting Techniques

9 - How To Write Emails, Blogs & Copy

Make your Emails and Blogs get better open rates and connect with your customers and clients.

10 - About Your Layout and Design

Copy is of primary importance, but the "look and feel" of your piece makes it even better as you will find out here.

11 - The "Madmen" Influencers

Learn a bit about the real "Madmen" and how their influence is still felt on the best copy written to this day.

12 - Small Business Real World Examples

Now, armed with the basics, see how others have been successful with these Real World Examples.

13 - Watch A Visual Recap & Review

Time to relax and watch a visual Recap and Review of the entire series.

Downloadable Bonus Audio Set

Your subscription includes the audio from all 13 videos. Download and listen to the entire series anywhere.

Word-For-Word Written Transcripts

Your subscription includes the written transcripts from all 13 videos. Download and print out to have a copy for review.

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Bonus 1 - The John Boyens’ Credibility Letter

The best pure Prospecting Letter Template I can imagine. Builds credibility from the get-go and dramatically increases your chances of a positive response.

Bonus 2 - How To Sell A High Value Service

Some say selling a service - especially one involving Real Money - is the toughest marketing task. Try this 5-Step Process that can help you disprove that idea in a flash.

Bonus 3 - How To Be A Trade Show Pro

One of the dirty little secrets of most Trade Show Exhibitors is, because they're not prepared they seldom, if ever, get enough business out of a show to even cover costs. Make your next (or first) Trade Show your best ever.

Bonus 4 - 39 Timeless Tips From The “Madmen”

A simple but powerful guide loaded with timeless wisdom I learned from the greatest minds in marketing and advertising - the original Madmen.

Bonus 5 - 9 Set-Their-Minds-At-Ease Risk Reducers

When prospects don't know you or have any experience doing business with you, they feel nervous. To calm their anxieties, use these good, proven Risk Reducers for a more sales and happier customers.

Bonus 6 - 15 Rules For Writing A Press Release

Press Releases must follow the rules set out by media. Why? Because free (or earned) media can pick up your story or "circular file" it at their whim. All you can do to help with their decision is to follow these 15 Rules.

Bonus 7 - 5 Fatal Blunders - And How To Fix Them All

Key Troubleshooting Guide helps you fix 5 common messaging errors and boost sales. Includes clarifying case studies.

Bonus 8 - 9 Reasons Why Marketing Fails

Common Sense Solutions for common marketing mistakes. Contains actual examples of the right way to do it. Don't be without this.

Bonus 9 - Make It Memorable - Advanced Techniques

You want people to remember the words you write, right? The more the reader remembers, the more sales you make. These 5 Advanced Techniques are proven to aid recall.

Bonus 10 - MAX IMPACT Letters & E-Mail

Valuable Template for constructing communications that work. Don’t wing it. Use this proven formula.
(Also see Video #9)

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