Without A Compelling Marketing Message Your Marketing Won’t Work

Without A Powerful, Compelling Marketing Message, Your Marketing Won't Work

Now, I don't mean it won't work at all.  It just won't work at prime efficiency.

Confusing Strategy Can Cost You Big Bucks

Marketing is one of the most multi-tasking and frenetic endeavors I know.  Business owners and executives work overtime to make sure their marketing is as productive as can be.  And by productive, I mean creating a lean, mean, traffic, conversion, and sales machine.  Your marketing message  needs to be compelling enough to convert [prospect into customer and customer into loyal patron.

New Campaigns Start Out With High Expectations

Then, as results come in, it becomes apparent your marketing is under-performing - sometimes quite remarkably.

  • "Website traffic is pathetic."
  • "Facebook friends haven’t materialized"
  • “The SEO didn’t push us to the first page".
  • "Our closing rate hasn’t budged above Danger!
  • "Our pay-per-click is costing more and bringing in less than anticipated."
  • "The radio campaign on a top-five station, that everyone agreed was hilarious, brought in next to nothing.

What in the world happened?

Tactics ≠ Strategy

What happened was a failure to differentiate between tactics and strategy.  The previous paragraph contains common tactical marketing problems.  Tactics, quite simply, deal with where, when, how, and to whom you communicate.

Strategy, on the other hand, deals with what you communicate – your marketing message, your story and the reasons for doing business with you!  The theme of this article – and my career – is that without a compelling message, your marketing won’t work!

Develop Your Strategic Marketing Message BEFORE Deciding On Tactics

I’ll wager you figured I’d say this, me being a copywriter and strategist, but it is what I truly believe – and what works!  And since the tactics part almost always costs vastly more than the strategic branding and messaging, it also makes a good bit of fiscal sense to put the horse before the cart.

An interesting thing to note is if you make an error in the tactics you use or the demographics you select, you will generally still hit some targets who need or want what you have to sell.  But if you have the wrong message or a weak message, you will fail to engage your target groups and severely limit your return.

So please don’t even think about how, when and where you’ll communicate until you develop the most compelling message possible.

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