Will AI Replace Copywriters?

Will AI Replace Copywriters?

Lately, I started playing around with Artificial Intelligence.

My motivation for this was a statement I heard at a panel discussion, “Eventually, AI will replace copywriters”. Well, let me tell you, that made me sit up and take notice. Not for me. I’ve been a professional copywriter for almost forty years. But it makes for a hell of a prediction for those good souls enrolled in my copywriting courses, learning an in-demand skill for their future success.

Given that, I had to look into AI, and see what all the bombast was about.

I Was Surprised

Going in ready to rip apart the idea that AI could replace ME... and all my fellow copywriters, I was simultaneously stunned, astounded, and surprised.

What I found was a logical, easy-to-learn, tool for writing. In scant seconds the AI on ChatGPT answered both simple and complex questions with logical, readable prose that (like a copywriter) informed and educated the reader. The “machine” answered my question about the “four top elements of a successful website – above the fold in 2.4 seconds and was, from a copywriter’s standpoint, 50% correct.

That also means that it was 50% wrong.

Whew – Dodged A Bullet – For Now

After running a half-dozen additional tests, I can answer the title question, “Can AI Replace Copywriters?”. The answer is, “Not now”.

Let me give you the full answer from the ChatGPT AI its own self. “Where AI has made remarkable strides in language processing, it’s unlikely to replace copywriters completely. Copywriting involved creating written content that not only communicates a message effectively but also engages the target audience, and it requires a certain level of creativity and empathy that machines are currently unable to match”. So, the good news for we writers of copy is...No. AI will not replace us anytime soon.

And the better news is...AI can be a terrific time-saving tool good copywriters can use to produce superior copy much more quickly.

But...There Is Some Bad News Too

AI presents copywriters with an opportunity and a crutch.

The lazier, less talented, less inquisitive, less perfectionist, and less honest, may (OK...will) use AI instead of their God given intelligence and talent. Please don’t succumb to the “easy” way, when you are equipped to deliver copy written the “BEST” way. As I serve as a coach and mentor to the members of my “How To Write Copy” System at Write Like A Madman [online] University, I shall be cautioning each of them to be true to themselves and their profession.

We can utilize AI in our projects the way we currently utilize internet searches – as aids to our writing, not substitutes for it.

Never Accept AI At Face Value

Within a couple of hours of playing around with AI, I realized not everything that comes out of the mouths of machines is correct.

We are copywriters, we educate, inform, and influence. I am attempting to do that with you now. I have found that we, the receivers of the AI information need to be careful and make judgments as to whether the information provided is reliable or questionable.

Make the wrong judgment and it’s your work that will be blamed and your reputation that will be tarnished.

Copywriters Rejoice – You Can Do Many Things AI Can’t

We are copywriters; we are also human beings with a soul and an ability for articulate speech.

We stand far and above the AI machines in the most important ways.

  • Human understanding
  • Though Bites
  • Engagement
  • Messaging
  • Prioritizing
  • Creativity
  • Empathy
  • Warmth
  • Nuance
  • Passion

We can either dismiss AI out of hand or recognize it for the tool it is and add it to our unique repertoires of knowledge, skills, and talents.

A Parting Thought

Allow me to let the machines give us our take-away for the day.

“In conclusion, while AI can assist copywriters by generating ideas and providing data insights, it's unlikely to replace them completely.”

Let’s Kick Start Your Career or Side-Gig

Whether you’re just emerging as a copywriter or have been at it for years, I’d like to offer my help.

First, if I may humbly suggest you grab a look-see at the latest book in my Five Buck Book Series. Details at www.MillionDollarAdvantage.com. And secondly, I encourage you to contact me with any questions about adding copywriting to your skill set. You can reach me at Linked In, alantarr.com, or alan@writelineamadman.com.


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