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FAQ - Website Is A Team Effort

Q: I have an up-to-date website, but it’s not bringing in the conversions and customers I expected.  Do I need to redesign it?

A: Whoa…hold your horses.  Before you go throwing time and/or money at it, let’s look at the top two reasons modern websites don’t convert.

  1. The content and copy on the site is not well-written. It doesn't utilize the techniques and secrets of the World’s Best Copywriters.
  2. The site design may not be truly optimized for success.  Are you using Radical WebPower™,  Logical Thought Sequencing©, and other modern tools of the trade?

But as my old grandpa used to tell me – always check the least expensive, easiest to fix thing first – and that’s the copywriting on your site.

Your Website Is A Team Effort

A well-functioning, effective business website or landing page needs the talents of two to three people.

  • Copywriter – Crafts the message, images, value proposition, evidence, benefits, offers, risk reducers, and calls-to-action for each page.  Writes the posts or blog entries and implements SEO.   Develops email strings for automated CRM.
  • Web Designer or “Builder” - builds the Infrastructure of the website.  Pages, Posts, Navigation, Links, sub-domains, and setting up URLs for landing pages.
  • Automated CRM Integrator – Builds, if needed, the CRM system (Infusionsoft, Mail Chimp, etc) for continuous “hands-free” communications with your opt-in email list.  CRM may be handled by Web Designer, if qualified.

One Person Can NOT Do Everything

If someone says to you, “I do it all”, be skeptical, be very skeptical.  In my experience, the number of people who actually can “do it all” is amazingly small.

  • Copywriting is a significantly right-brained talent. Creativity, eye-tracking, balance, and imagery are hallmarks of this person.  Writers, actors, psychologists, and interior designers are examples of careers that attract right-brainers.
  • Technology, like building websites and setting up an automatic CRM system is a totally left-brain activity. Navigation, dealing with programs like Word Press and Infusionsoft/Keap require a person with methodical skills.  Scientists, technicians, computer programmers and mathematicians are examples of left-brainers.

So, to get the best website and landing pages, put together the best TEAM of experts.

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