Website Effectiveness

Website Effectiveness

What Does A Wristwatch Have To Do With Your Website Effectiveness?  Everything.

Let me explain. 

Have you ever seen someone look at their wristwatch and then ask them, “What time is it, please?” only to see them look at their watch again before answering?  It happens more frequently than you might think.  In fact, I estimate it happens about two-thirds of the time.

Why do you suppose that is?

This one little habit affords us great insight into the workings of the human mind

When people look at their watch, what are they looking for?

The simple answer is, “They want to know the time.”  Yes, but then why look again when someone asks for the time only a few seconds after they checked their watch?

The answer to this will help you to better website effectiveness.


People check their watch to determine something other than the time.

I first noticed this phenomenon years ago.  I was in a meeting with about a dozen people when the person next to me checked their watch.  I asked, “So, what time is it?”  The answer surprised me.  “I don’t know, but we’re running late.”  It dawned on me that people look at their watch to find out, not what time it is, but where they stand relative to something else.

  • Their schedule
  • An upcoming event
  • How long something is taking
  • How much time they have before…

Now let’s tie this to your Website Effectiveness

When Visitors Come To Your Website, What Are They Looking For?

They are looking for what’s important to them.

  • Are they in the right place?
  • Can this site fill their needs?
  • Can this site solve their problem?

And this all takes place inside about seven seconds.

If they don’t immediately see what their looking for, they’re likely to leave the site and take no further action – costing you an opportunity and hurting your website effectiveness.

So, What Now?  Now Get Your Website Effectiveness Score

We all want our websites, landing pages, and advertisements to be as effective as possible – i.e. to generate clicks, conversions, and sales.

The place to start is to check your site’s Website Effectiveness Score with a short, free, private test.  It takes less than seven minutes and is self-scoring.  Nobody knows the outcome but you.

And once you’re armed with the facts, you have the power to fix anything that might be holding you back.

Dig Deeper

If you’re interested in learning more, I invite you to visit Write Like A Madman University.    To gain even more insight, sit-in on the first video session of my copywriting course, “Write Like A Madman and Make Money Like Crazy”. 

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