Two Sides Of Marketing-Strategy and Tactics

Two sides of marketing. Know which is which and succeed.

Get Your Marketing Strategy Correct First, Then Move On To Tactics

This is all about Marketing Strategy and Tactics.  Understand the difference or you'll waste time and money.

Marketing Strategy And Tactics

What Is Your Marketing Strategy?

Whenever I do marketing workshops, I always ask folks to “tell me something about your marketing”.  Here’s a sample of the responses I get.

  • “We do radio spots on WXYZ”
  • “I send postcards to 5000 homes in my area
  • “We place brochures at the Chamber of Commerce”
  • “I go to lots of networking events”
  • “We do pay-per-click-thru and e-mail campaigns”

Here’s the problem.  All of these are TACTICS.  Almost nobody thought to tell me about their STRATEGY!  And there is a BIG difference between Marketing Strategy and Tactics.

TACTICAL Marketing Is The Delivery System For Your Message

TACTICAL Marketing is HOW & WHERE you market.  Websites, Brochures, TV, Radio, Direct Mail, Online, E-Mail, Social Media, Radio, Signage, Trade Shows, Telemarketing, Groupon, even Networking.  Learn the secrets of the world’s best copywriters.

It‘s also WHEN you market.  Seasons, Holidays, Events (like Back-To-School, Annual or Semi Annual “Sales, etc.)

Marketing Strategy IS Your Unique Killer Marketing Message

Strategic Marketing is WHAT you say

  • Your Story
  • Your Brand
  • Reasons to Buy from You (Benefits)

Create Your Strategy First

Create as compelling a message as possible before you go to the trouble and expense of delivering it.  Without a consistent, compelling message, your marketing tactics will not work.  Just remember "Marketing Strategy And Tactics" - NOT - Marketing Tactics and Strategy.  Keep them in the right order.

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