TWIZDOMS – Marketing Wisdom In Twitter-Sized Bites

Wisdom and truth are beautiful.  Never more so than when they come to you quickly, in small, easily understood and digested packages.  Enter TWIZDOMS, marketing wisdom in twitter-sized bites.

Copywriters like me were taught early on how to right “tight”, or concise.  Short words and sentences are more easily read and remembered.  Interestingly enough, you do not need to write long-winded accounts to get the results you want.  Why?  Because the human brain is capable of holding onto a huge amount of information.  What we think we can’t recall can usually be brought back to mind by a simple “reminder statement” triggers your mind into remembering.

TWIZDOMSTM Act As Your Reminder Statement

I created TWIZDOMSTM several years ago as a way to remind my clients and seminar attendees of core truths of marketing in an incredibly short and easy to read format.  Once you see a TWIZDOM that applies to your business, your mind will open up it’s file drawer and supplement the TWIZDOM with additional information you already had but didn’t realize was there until you were prompted.

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We are happy to send you your TWIZDOMS weekly - plus one of my published articles every week.  Currently we have over 215 individual TWIZDOMS and Notable Quotes.  No cost, no obligation, no kidding. Just tell us where to send them: 



A Bonus For You

To get you started down the Twizdom Trail, I've put together a downloadable 20-piece Sampler.  Free for the asking. 


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