To Sound Like An Expert

To Sound Like An Expert

– Hire One!”

 Harry Beckwith has it right!

Bring in specialists to do special things.  They have all the knowledge and talent to do what payroll employees don’t  - at far less than an employee costs


Harry Beckwith, award winning marketing author and speaker, has it right. “If you want to sound like an expert – hire one!”  This is true not only for high-profile CEOs but also for forward-thinking Small Business Owners.

Whenever you put yourself or your company out to the public, via websites, brochures, advertisements, sales calls, networking events, etc., you want to put your best foot forward.  And that foot is your Unique Branding Message.

Too often, entrepreneurs decide that since they’re experts in their particular business, they are equally as expert in creating the messages that make prospects and customers sit up, take notice and listen.

Unfortunately, this is far from the truth.

If you’re a small business owner and want to market your business successfully, do what CEOs do – hire a professional copywriting service to craft and articulate your Unique Message – and then communicate that message every chance you get.

It costs less than you might think and will return dividends for years.

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By Alan Tarr, The MoneyWords Copywriter

Author of The 7 Deadly Sins Of Marketing