What Is The AIDA Code? The Copywriter’s Secret!

Structure Your Webpages, Landing Pages, And Ads For Maximum Conversions

The Copywriter's Secret Weapon: The AIDA Code

Learn the Copywriter's Secret and how to maximize your response rate with every marketing piece you create.

No matter how or where you’re marketing your business, to be effective your message must contain Four Essential Elements professional copywriters have known about forever!  We call it the AIDA Marketing Code – Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.  A true Copywriter's Secret.

Copywriter's Secret - A.I.D.A.


There’s a ton of clutter out there so you really do need to grab people’s attention quickly – in about 3 to 5 seconds.  Or else they’re off to another page, another website, or simply tune you out.  Grab their attention with your first words and images – the money-making headline.


To get attention is one thing, to keep it is another.  The professional copywriter accomplishes this with sub-headlines or an interesting first paragraph.  The goal is to interest the reader or listener so they want to learn more.


Next, use benefits to channel interest into desire!  Change their life!  Show them how they can be great looking, healthy, financially secure, admired or even envied, thanks to your product.


Finally you need to turn that interest and desire into action!!  Because that’s what conversion copywriting is all about.  Tell them what to do next.  Make it as clear and easy as possible…and convert more readers into customers.

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