Test Copywriting One “Tweak” At A Time

Test One Variable Only

Test Your Marketing Message Frequently

Trying to be your own copywriter?  Most small business entrepreneurs are.  You probably found there's quite a bit more to it than laying some words on a page.  There's conversion copywriting, copywriting for the web, SEO copywriting, and so on.  Even then you may think you have created the perfect website, landing page, or lead generator, only to find your results weren't as expected.  So what to do?

Not every copywriting creation is perfect the first time around.

Don't expect it to be.  I've been a professional copywriter for over 30 years, and I'm always "tweaking".  Looking for a better phrase, a more powerful Call-To-Action, or a more concise way of saying the same thing.  In other words, I don't always get it right from the get go.  That's why, dear friends, God invented TESTING.  I test on a small scale or through surveys to see the reactions to what I've written.  I don't send 50,000 postcards or emails, but 2,000 as a test.  Even websites, which are actually easier because you can change and test your work on the run, should go through a testing process for a month or two to see the analytics.

Measure Your Results - Then Make A Change

Most everyone understands that marketing is a game with a scoreboard.  That scoreboard tallies our RESULTS!  If you don’t measure your results, you’re doomed to “guessing” and “gut feelings”.

What happens when you do measure marketing results and find they don’t meet expectations?  You adjust – or “tweak” – your message to get the graph moving up.  But here’s the problem.  The message on your website, brochure or advertisement consists of a number of elements.

  • Money-making Headlines and Sub-headlines
  • Tag lines
  • Images and Captions
  • Body Copy
  • Layout
  • Offers
  • Risk Reducers
  • Calls to Action


Make ONE Change – then Re-Test

Unless the message is a complete loser, try to resist the impulse to make wholesale changes.  Choose the most obvious weak spot and fix it first.  Is your headline less than attention grabbing?  Is the image you use irrelevant to your product?  Is the copy mundane, trite or boring?  Does the layout obscure your message?  Is the offer not enticing, thereby ruining your call to action?

Whatever you decide, make sure you only tweak ONE element at a time.  Otherwise you won’t know for certain which tweak worked and which did not.  Learn the secrets of the world’s best copywriters or you’re doomed to mediocrity.

And this would be a sin – not to mention a waste of money.


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