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The 1 Thing
That Will Improve Your Marketing Results
Faster, Better, & Cheaper

Than Anything Else You Can Do…

…Is to learn to tell your business story using the words and images
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Hello, I’m Alan Tarr, (aka “The MoneyWords Copywriter”)

I’ve been writing dynamic marketing and sales copy for over 30 years for clients large and small, and my own small businesses.  I started at a top-five Madison Avenue ad agency, and authored four books on the subjects of marketing, branding and copywriting.

Now, I’ve developed my best “How-To” guide yet.  It’s a super-complete, online, multi-media tutorial program on how you can Build Your Skills by learning the secrets of the world’s best copywriters, like I did when I started out. 

After almost 40 years in business, my eyes have just today been opened to the upside potential of a properly prepared marketing message. THANK YOU for taking the time over the past few days to make some initial suggestions and tweaks.Paul Gallo, CEO, US First Advisors
Write Like A Madman Program Value
13-Video Tutorial Set $1,750
 Word-for-Word Transcription $100
"Try It Before You Buy It" Preview $195
Entrepreneur's Package $1,750
Bonus Guide $100
Complete Audio Set $195