Optimize Conversion Rates Now

How Can I Boost My Conversion Rates Now?

How Can I Boost My Conversion Rates Now? Of all the questions marketers and copywriters ask, how to increase Conversion Rates, is well up the “importance” chart. In fact, for many currently engaged in offering products or services though websites, landing pages(s), email campaigns, or advertisements, it might just be the existential question, the answer […]

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Learn Copywriting - the most preferred skill for communications

I’m A Good Writer. So Why Should I Learn Copywriting?

I’m A Good Writer.  So Why Should I Learn Copywriting? The short answer is: There’s a huge difference between being a good generic writer and being a good Copywriter. The difference is obvious in the Intent, the Construction, and the Results of the writing. Intent – The intent of generic writing is usually to impart […]

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Will AI Replace Copywriters?

Will AI Replace Copywriters?  It’s a Damn Good Question. Lately, I started playing around with Artificial Intelligence. My motivation for this was a statement I heard at a panel discussion, “Eventually, AI will replace copywriters”. Well, let me tell you, that made me sit up and take notice. Not for me. I’ve been a professional […]

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Copywriters lead good lives and make darn good money.

Trained Copywriters Are In Demand

Trained Copywriters Are In Demand, Can Work From Anywhere, And Make Darn Good Money 7 Out Of 10 People Reading This Have The Natural-Born Talents Of A Copywriter How do I know most people have the “copywriting gene”?  Simple. Think about your life.  Have you ever asked someone out on a date, and they said […]

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