Techies Can't Write

Techies Can’t Write; Writers Can’t Tech

Techies can’t write; writers can’t tech.  O.K.  O.K.  I know it’s a gross generalization.  But the thing is, generalizations like this exist because – for the most part – they’re true.  Maybe it’s a right (write) brain/left brain thing.  I am a right brainer that means I do all the writing, mock-up designs and layouts, […]

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Continually Educate Your Customers And Prospects

Educate Customers with great, helpful information to keep you in the forefront of their minds. Do You Think Your Customers Are Smart? “Of course, they’d have to be.  They’re MY customers.”  Good thought and probably true.  But what may happen if a rival starts to send gifts of helpful and useful information to your customers, […]

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Simple Words, Short Sentences

Here are four simple words that, if heeded, will give your copywriting clarity and readability: Simple Words, Short Sentences. Simple Words Bring More Readers Unclear, overly long and complicated writing stops readers cold.  And you lose readers, conversions, and sales. By “simple” words, I refer to words whose meaning is universally understood.  I realize that, […]

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Test Your Marketing Message Frequently

Test Copywriting One “Tweak” At A Time

Trying to be your own copywriter?  Most small business entrepreneurs are.  You probably found there’s quite a bit more to it than laying some words on a page.  There’s conversion copywriting, copywriting for the web, SEO copywriting, and so on.  Even then you may think you have created the perfect website, landing page, or lead […]

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