Lesson in Modern Economics

Marketing Case Study: Mary’s Bar- An Economics Lesson

How Does Economics Affect Small Business? Mary’s Bar – A Modern Economics Lesson – It would be funny, if it weren’t also “true”. Author Unknown, Edited by Alan Tarr The Story Begins Mary is the proprietor of a small neighborhood bar with one slight challenge.  She realizes that virtually all her customers are being let […]

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Your Unique Marketing Message is\\Is All-Important

It’s What You Say – Not Where Your Ad Appears

What’s in your unique marketing message is ten times more important than how someone discovers it. Did you ever notice that when advertising sales reps approach most business people, they all suggest the same solution for your “problems”?  Their answer to bringing you more business: “Advertise with us!” Your marketing and advertising isn’t terribly effective […]

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Get Your Marketing Strategy Correct First, Then Move On To Tactics

Two Sides Of Marketing-Strategy and Tactics

This is all about Marketing Strategy and Tactics.  Understand the difference or you’ll waste time and money. Marketing Strategy And Tactics What Is Your Marketing Strategy? Whenever I do marketing workshops, I always ask folks to “tell me something about your marketing”.  Here’s a sample of the responses I get. “We do radio spots on […]

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