Words That Work

Don’t Be Fickle – Stay With Words That Work

Stay With Words That Work Most of us have gotten advice like this all our lives.  “Stay with what works”.  “Don’t change horses midstream.”  “Dance with the one that brought you.”  “The grass is always greener…”.  I’ll bet you can name several others.  What they all mean is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t try fixin’ […]

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Marketing Strategy That Gets Results

A Marketing STRATEGY That Gets Results

Marketing Strategy (aka What You Say) is the #1 most mishandled, overlooked, under-funded, and misunderstood part of most entrepreneurial businesses, experts agree.  Did I scare you?  Hope not because developing a killer marketing strategy and message is a huge key to you success – and not too hard to do, either. Here’s What The Big […]

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One Costly Marketing Mistake

Finding and fixing this one costly marketing mistake could boost the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising tremendously This one costly mistake robs your marketing and advertising of selling power It cuts your returns by 30% or more.  This one mistake costs you in time, in money, and in lost sales. This one costly mistake […]

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7 Steps To A Compelling Marketing Message

What in the world does an orange have to do with an article about a killer marketing message? If your business survives on selling goods or services – pretty much everyone – you need to develop a compelling marketing message.  Not for just the marketing and sales staff or the owner.  But for everyone.  Make […]

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Without A Compelling Marketing Message Your Marketing Won’t Work

Without A Powerful, Compelling Marketing Message, Your Marketing Won’t Work Now, I don’t mean it won’t work at all.  It just won’t work at prime efficiency. Confusing Strategy Can Cost You Big Bucks Marketing is one of the most multi-tasking and frenetic endeavors I know.  Business owners and executives work overtime to make sure their […]

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