Your Unique Marketing Message is\\Is All-Important

It’s What You Say – Not Where Your Ad Appears

What’s in your unique marketing message is ten times more important than how someone discovers it. Did you ever notice that when advertising sales reps approach most business people, they all suggest the same solution for your “problems”?  Their answer to bringing you more business: “Advertise with us!” Your marketing and advertising isn’t terribly effective […]

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TWIZDOMS – Marketing Wisdom In Twitter-Sized Bites

Wisdom and truth are beautiful.  Never more so than when they come to you quickly, in small, easily understood and digested packages.  Enter TWIZDOMS, marketing wisdom in twitter-sized bites. Copywriters like me were taught early on how to right “tight”, or concise.  Short words and sentences are more easily read and remembered.  Interestingly enough, you […]

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Big Fish Little Pond Little Fish Big Pond- Radio Advertising Explained

Even the smallest marketers can dominate with Radio Advertising …simply think like a big fish You want to advertise your business on local radio.  Splendid.  Once you’ve created your scripts, identified your ideal audience and determined which stations can deliver them and set your budget, you’ll need to make one more decision:  Big Fish, Little […]

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Success In Marketing

Success In Marketing Depends On Your Answer To This One Question

If your Success in Marketing were to ride on your answer to one question – this would be it. People often ask me for help them achieve success in marketing by using my skills as a copywriter and brand strategist to boost their website conversions and sales and/or the Return On Investment of their advertising.  […]

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7 Truths About Creativity In Copywriting

7 Truths About Creativity In Marketing

Is unleashed Creativity always a positive for your website and ads? No, say many top professional copywriters and brand strategists.   Do you want your ads to win awards, or do you want more sales? “Hey, who’s the creative guy around here?”  Question a lot of creative guys (and gals) about the work they did […]

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