Marketing Your Small Business – Problems, Solutions, and Options

Marketing Your Small Business, Problems Solutions and Options By Alan L Tarr, Master Copywriter You own a small business – or you’re about to open one – congratulations on both counts. “But”…you say, “it’s hard to grow”.  Welcome to the club.  Over 7-out-of-10 small businesses are experiencing just what you are, in some degree.  Small […]

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Your Marketing Won’t Work If You’re Missing This One Vital Element

Your Marketing Won’t Work I’m sorry.  I know you’ve put hours of sweat and strain and more than a few dollars into your social media, your website, your advertisements, emails, brochures, etc. etc. etc.  I’m sorry.  As good as these may be, YOUR MARKETING WON’T WORK! Not that it won’t work at all…but it won’t […]

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Marketing For Non-Profits

Marketing For Non-Profits For-profit businesses put great effort and expense into marketing so they can generate the funds needed to operate and succeed.  They procure or manufacture their products – or the equipment to deliver their services – pay their employees, their taxes, and their overhead.  Then, if there’s anything left over, they pay their […]

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Lesson in Modern Economics

Marketing Case Study: Mary’s Bar- An Economics Lesson

How Does Economics Affect Small Business? Mary’s Bar – A Modern Economics Lesson – It would be funny, if it weren’t also “true”. Author Unknown, Edited by Alan Tarr The Story Begins Mary is the proprietor of a small neighborhood bar with one slight challenge.  She realizes that virtually all her customers are being let […]

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Change your customer's life for the better

Wanna Be A Better Marketer? Improve Your Customer’s Life – Even For A Day

Wanna Be A Better Marketer?  Simple!  Improve Your Customer’s’ Life! Think of something wonderful about your product(s) or service(s) and how they will improve your customer’s life, and you’ll be a great success. People Are Motivated To Buy What Helps Them Why do people buy “things”?  Sometimes they buy them because they need them.  Sometimes […]

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