Business Card Marketing

Don’t Overlook The Back Of Your Business Card

Your business card is generally the first marketing piece people get from you.  Make it count in more ways than one!  And you’ve never heard of Business Card Marketing?  Well let me wow you with information. If You Don’t Have A Business Card, How Can You Be In Business? Everyone – or just about everyone […]

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Professional Copywriters Break The Rules...And Win

Copywriters Break Grammar Rules And Live To Collect Bonuses

Put aside that AP stylebook, cast off your fears of the grammar police and get on to being a successful professional copywriter.  We break Grammar Rules intentionally. Who Are You Trying To Communicate With? If I were writing for a bunch of English professors, I’d say, “With whom are you trying to communicate?”  Sometimes you […]

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The Copywriter's Secret Weapon: The AIDA Code

The Copywriters Secret: The AIDA Code

Learn the Copywriter’s Secret and how to maximize your response rate with every marketing piece you create. No matter how or where you’re marketing your business, to be effective your message must contain Four Essential Elements professional copywriters have known about forever!  We call it the AIDA Marketing Code – Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.  […]

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Marketing Strategy That Gets Results

A Marketing STRATEGY That Gets Results

Marketing Strategy (aka What You Say) is the #1 most mishandled, overlooked, under-funded, and misunderstood part of most entrepreneurial businesses, experts agree.  Did I scare you?  Hope not because developing a killer marketing strategy and message is a huge key to you success – and not too hard to do, either. Here’s What The Big […]

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Success In Marketing

Success In Marketing Depends On Your Answer To This One Question

If your Success in Marketing were to ride on your answer to one question – this would be it. People often ask me for help them achieve success in marketing by using my skills as a copywriter and brand strategist to boost their website conversions and sales and/or the Return On Investment of their advertising.  […]

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