Learn the Secrets Of The World’s Best Copywriters

Learn The Secrets Of The World’s Best Copywriters: one of the surest and least costly ways to boost your business, conversions, and sales. This statement has been proven true time and again.  A recent study shows that your message is even more important than how much you spend on online or traditional advertising. So, small business […]

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Features And Benefits

Turn Features Into Benefits In The Minds Of Your Customers

Are you talking Features while your prospects are listening for Benefits?  More companies, small and large, make this crucial mistake all too often.  Sadly, it can be a very expensive foul-up.   A number of years ago, I was retained by a technology company to help write the messaging for their new product.  I faced […]

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Why Your Website Doesn’t Produce

Your website is their most important marketing tool – treat it as such It is the place people go when they are considering doing business with you. Your website should be as attention grabbing, well written, informative, and motivational as you can possibly make it. Here’s the problem. More than seven out of ten websites […]

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7 Truths About Creativity In Copywriting

7 Truths About Creativity In Marketing

Is unleashed Creativity always a positive for your website and ads? No, say many top professional copywriters and brand strategists.   Do you want your ads to win awards, or do you want more sales? “Hey, who’s the creative guy around here?”  Question a lot of creative guys (and gals) about the work they did […]

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