Naked Marketing – It’s Not What You May Think

Naked Marketing is Truthful Marketing.  It’s based on treating customers with respect by stripping away the pretense, hype, and misleading claims that accompany much of today’s marketing.  Naked Marketers see their product or service through the eyes of their customers and market accordingly. Marketers That Practice Truthful Marketing Win More Customers In my experience, buyers […]

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dvertising Techniques

Which Is More Honest – Political or Commercial Advertising?

Commercial advertising is far more truthful than political advertising There, I said it and I’m glad Most every professional copywriter I know understands the main purpose of commercial marketing and advertising.  It is to move people to buy a certain product or service.  And how is this accomplished?  By saying to the prospect, “Here’s our […]

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taste test comparison

The A/B Ruse – Taste Test Comparison

Do you believe the results of those taste test comparisons where people choose between A and B?   You won’t after you read this.   “In Blind, Head-To-Head, Taste Test Comparisons, People Chose Tweedledee Two To One Over Tweedledum.” Proving what?  This marketing technique seems to say this ‘proves’ Tweedledee is better than Tweedledum.   Therefore, you […]

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A basic lesson for all small businesses that advertise or have websites

Copywriters: Be Believable Or Be Gone

I started on my road to being a professional copywriter when I was 18 years old.  I’m older than that now.  But one thing that stayed with me from my first solo assignment to now is the basis for all professional copywriters is the TRUTH.  The truth is not a generalization, it is a specific.  […]

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Without A Compelling Marketing Message Your Marketing Won’t Work

Without A Powerful, Compelling Marketing Message, Your Marketing Won’t Work Now, I don’t mean it won’t work at all.  It just won’t work at prime efficiency. Confusing Strategy Can Cost You Big Bucks Marketing is one of the most multi-tasking and frenetic endeavors I know.  Business owners and executives work overtime to make sure their […]

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