How Can I Start Writing Copy? 7 Rules To Follow To Avoid Total Frustration

How Can I Start Writing Copy? 7 Rules To Follow

How Can I Start Writing Copy?  7 Rules to Follow to Avoid Total Frustration   So, you want to know how to start writing copy.  Admirable. We’ll approach this noble goal by laying out some obvious, and some not so obvious, caveats. One – Don’t start in the middle. Two – Don’t rely solely on […]

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You can replicate Word of Mouth Advertising In The Lab

Word Of Mouth Advertising and How To Create It In The “Lab”

Word of Mouth Advertising And How To Create It In The “Lab” Did you ever look for a good, honest mechanic or a wonderful doctor, veterinarian, graphic artist, hairdresser, or even a copywriter?  And then a friend or colleague told you about the one she used and loved – and why. You, my friend, were […]

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Write Conversationally

Too many business owners and marketers write in an overly formal or overly salesy manner.  If you want people to listen to what you say, speak and write conversationally. People relate to people.  That’s why professional copywriters most often write conversationally – as if they’re talking to a friend across the kitchen table.  Here are […]

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Make Money As A Copywriter

Freelance Copywriter Phenomenon

The Freelance Copywriter Phenomenon More Gen X, Y, And Millennials Than Ever, Are Opting For Careers, Or Side Gigs As Freelance Copywriters Freelancers Averaging $81,748/year (Source: Glassdoor) It’s no secret that our economy is in a major shift to a work-from-anywhere lifestyle – and copywriters are leading the way. Now, before you get ahead of […]

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17 SureFire Ways To Grab Your Reader’s Attention

Fact: Five times more people read your headline than read your body copy.  Knowing this, the professional copywriter puts more thought into developing great headlines than anything else – because it pays off.  That’s why all 17 surefire ways to grab your reader’s attention are Headline Tips. Before we commence with our list, I’d like […]

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