TWIZDOMS – Marketing Wisdom In Twitter-Sized Bites

Wisdom and truth are beautiful.  Never more so than when they come to you quickly, in small, easily understood and digested packages.  Enter TWIZDOMS, marketing wisdom in twitter-sized bites. Copywriters like me were taught early on how to right “tight”, or concise.  Short words and sentences are more easily read and remembered.  Interestingly enough, you […]

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Without A Compelling Marketing Message Your Marketing Won’t Work

Without A Powerful, Compelling Marketing Message, Your Marketing Won’t Work Now, I don’t mean it won’t work at all.  It just won’t work at prime efficiency. Confusing Strategy Can Cost You Big Bucks Marketing is one of the most multi-tasking and frenetic endeavors I know.  Business owners and executives work overtime to make sure their […]

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God Bless Bedrock Entrepreneurs

God Bless All “Bedrock” Entrepreneurs

Bedrock Entrepreneurs are those small business men and women you meet every day.  They’re local, they’re part of your community, they may even be your employer or neighbor.  Without or Bedrock Entrepreneurs, this would be a far less hospitable and opportunity-laden place to live. Are you a Bedrock Entrepreneur?  Do you have a business with […]

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