Words That Work

Don’t Be Fickle – Stay With Words That Work

Stay With Words That Work Most of us have gotten advice like this all our lives.  “Stay with what works”.  “Don’t change horses midstream.”  “Dance with the one that brought you.”  “The grass is always greener…”.  I’ll bet you can name several others.  What they all mean is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t try fixin’ […]

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How do you treat Future Buyers?

What Are Now Buyers And Future Buyers?

Now Buyers and Future Buyers.  Many businesses have them.  It’s how they approach them that sets the winners apart from the non-winners.  Now Buyers and Future Buyers.  Each group has their own special interests, needs, and wants.  If you choose to approach them in the same way, with the same message, and the same offers, […]

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One Costly Marketing Mistake

Finding and fixing this one costly marketing mistake could boost the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising tremendously This one costly mistake robs your marketing and advertising of selling power It cuts your returns by 30% or more.  This one mistake costs you in time, in money, and in lost sales. This one costly mistake […]

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Without A Compelling Marketing Message Your Marketing Won’t Work

Without A Powerful, Compelling Marketing Message, Your Marketing Won’t Work Now, I don’t mean it won’t work at all.  It just won’t work at prime efficiency. Confusing Strategy Can Cost You Big Bucks Marketing is one of the most multi-tasking and frenetic endeavors I know.  Business owners and executives work overtime to make sure their […]

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Too Many Sales Can Hurt

Are Too Many Sales Training Customers NOT To Buy?

The Case Of Too Many Sales.  There was a men’s clothing store near where I worked in New York City that had too many sales.  Its was in the 1970’s.  Every weekend they had a HUGE SALE OF ALL SALES.  On Monday, the prices were back to normal.  I had seen numerous shirts, sweaters, and […]

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