What Are The Secrets Of The World’s Best Copywriters?

What Are The Secrets Of The World’s Best Copywriters – and how can you use them in your business? Learning the Secrets Of The World’s Best Copywriters is one of the surest and least costly ways to boost your business, conversions, and sales. This statement has been proven true time and again.  A recent study shows […]

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dvertising Techniques

Which Is More Honest – Political or Commercial Advertising?

Commercial advertising is far more truthful than political advertising There, I said it and I’m glad Most every professional copywriter I know understands the main purpose of commercial marketing and advertising.  It is to move people to buy a certain product or service.  And how is this accomplished?  By saying to the prospect, “Here’s our […]

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Big Fish Little Pond Little Fish Big Pond- Radio Advertising Explained

Even the smallest marketers can dominate with Radio Advertising …simply think like a big fish You want to advertise your business on local radio.  Splendid.  Once you’ve created your scripts, identified your ideal audience and determined which stations can deliver them and set your budget, you’ll need to make one more decision:  Big Fish, Little […]

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Features And Benefits

Turn Features Into Benefits In The Minds Of Your Customers

Are you talking Features while your prospects are listening for Benefits?  More companies, small and large, make this crucial mistake all too often.  Sadly, it can be a very expensive foul-up.   A number of years ago, I was retained by a technology company to help write the messaging for their new product.  I faced […]

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