Thinking Of Advertising On Radio?

Radio Is A Great Media – If You Are A Great Copywriter

Advertising on radio.  It's something many small businesses have considered.  Some fancifully.  Others, seriously.  But what's the real scoop about advertising on radio?  Is it hugely expensive?  Does a small business stand a chance?  Can you start small and ramp up.  All these questions have one answer: YES!

How Do You Get Started?

My friends...PLEASE resist the urge to call some of your local stations and ask to see a sales rep.  It's not the time yet.  You must first educate yourself on some of the basics of advertising on radio,  Such as reach, frequency, day part, run of station, live reads vs canned spots, etc.

Don’t go into radio like a babe in the woods.  Learn.  Prepare.  Implement.

Before you commit one dime to scheduling airtime, there are five things you need to do, or to know.

  1. Write one or more scripts. Read them aloud to hear how they sound.  Time them to be close to 60 seconds (or thirty or fifteen, if that’s what you want).  Don’t worry about production (voicing, sound effects, and precise timing) the station can offer simple production help.  Just one thing - don’t let them write your ads.  Stations no longer have creative departments and, unfortunately, it often shows in what they come up with.  If you need a writer and/or producer, go with a pro.  It’s less costly in the long run.
  2. Identify the chief characteristics of your ideal audience: age, sex, marital status, income, and interests (sports, current events, business, etc).
  3. Find the stations (and shows) in your market that best reach the demographics you identified in #2.  You can ask them to send you their demographics (not send you a sales rep- not yet).
  4. Determine your budget (and don't tell anyone outside your trusted circle of friends and advisors)
  5. Understand your options for scheduling your ad spots.

I have been writing for and advertising on radio for many years.  As a professional copywriter and branding strategy consultant I have written, co-produced and occasionally voiced dozens of ads.  I have bought ad time for $10 a minute and for $400 a minute.  I have run 10 spots in a two hour period and 9 spots a week.  There's something for everyone.  Just, again PLEASE do your homework before advertising on radio.


Advertising On Radio Requires You To Have A Powerful, "Killer" Marketing Message

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