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Professionalize Your Copywriting

Professionalize Your Marketing Transcript

No matter how good you are at using Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, etc., more than 7-out-of-10 businesses fail when it comes to effectively communicating their marketing message, costing web traffic, conversions, and sales.


Most often it’s because they never heard my first rule of marketing, “The Essence of Marketing is your Message; and the essence of your message is Copywriting”.

How To Write Copy

I’m Alan Tarr, Master copywriter, and founder of Write Like A Madman University, with a better, easier, and – frankly – less costly way to Professionalize Your Marketing.

Write Like A Madman University – or WLAM U – gives you five courses, three tutorial packages and five toolboxes of specific “how-to” techniques of the best copywriters and marketers.  Over 180 videos, audios, template, checklists, and case studies (note: now over 310 pieces), plus 140 quick tips from basic to advanced.

In addition, from learning copywriting from A to Z, you get the latest in website science and strategy with my course Radical WebPowerTM.  It includes the 7-inch secret, how to write winning emails, sales letters, Facebook ads, calls to action, marketing messages, and my exclusive “Writing In Thought Bites”.

See For Yourself

For more details, to take a virtual video tour, and sit in on the first session of my acclaimed video, 31-piece copywriting course, “Write Like A Madman and Make Money Like Crazy”, simply go to

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Write Like A Madman University is committed to making your – and your organization’s marketing life more rewarding.

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