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Write Like A Madman & Make Money Like Crazy

Our Signature Piece

Write Like A MADMAN is the most comprehensive tutorial I know of.  The How-To techniques in this program can improve your marketing results Faster, Better and Cheaper than anything else you can do. VIDEO Preview.

13 Videos, +
15-Pc Entrepreneurs Package +

84 Proven Ways To PUMP UP Your Marketing

84 Low Cost and No Cost suggestions for bringing in more sales.  You’re sure to run across a Golden Nugget or two (or ten).  Just one could make or save you hundreds or thousands.

5 Fatal Blunders And How To Fix Them All

Key Troubleshooting Guide helps you fix 5 common messaging errors and boost sales. Includes clarifying case studies.

31 pages

9 Reasons Why Marketing Fails

Common Sense Solutions for common marketing mistakes. Contains actual examples of the right way to do it. Don't be without this.

36 pages + separate 12 minute audio program

13 Essentials Your Website Absolutely…

Your website is your #1 marketing tool. Make sure it's as effective as can be with this essential 13 Point Check List. The better your website is written and functions, the longer visitors will stay on it and the more sales you make.

32 pages

17 Mistakes Small Businesses Make

WIN The Marketing Game gives you over an hour and a half of valuable marketing, branding and copywriting know how in an easy-to-listen to audio format.

21 pages

19 Headline Techniques That Sell - Illustrated

Write Headlines Like A Pro. Valuable template gives you real-world examples of 19 powerful, attention-grabbing techniques. Use this with “45 MoneyWords For Kick-Ass Results”.

51 pages

45 MoneyWords For Kick-Ass Results

Include these words in your headlines and increase pulling power. Use with the "19 Headline Techniques That Sell" Guide for even better results.

25 pages

99 Best Money-Making Headlines Of All Time

Need to write a webpage, E-mail, blog post or ad and Can't Think Of A Headline? Steal One Of Ours. This template will be your constant companion no matter what you're writing.

47 pages

How To Be A Trade Show Pro - Even The Very First Time

One of the dirty little secrets of most Trade Show Exhibitors is, because they’re not prepared they seldom, if ever, get enough business out of a show to cover costs. Follow the Where's Why's and How-To's in this Guide and make your next (or first) show your best one ever.

74 pages

Taglines and 3 Second Branding

Readers need to know about how your company can help them. They read your tagline in about 3 seconds. This guide shows you how to make 3 seconds very meaningful.

52 pages

The 8-Second “Better Elevator Pitch”

The old idea that an Elevator pitch should be about 30 seconds to two minutes is dead and gone. Today's adult attention span of about 8 seconds hastened its demise. The BEP aims for a dialogue- not a monologue - with this 2-step approach.

Video (6:21) + Transcript