Make This One Change In Your Marketing AND GET BETTER RESULTS!

Make This One Change In Your Marketing AND GET BETTER RESULTS!

You can get better results from your marketing, website, landing pages, emails, and advertisements by changing some of the words and images you use and the order in which you put them.

This miraculous new concept is not new at all.  In fact, I learned it almost forty years ago as a copywriter intern at one of the top ad agencies in the world…and I’ve proved it to be right hundreds of times, both with universally known multi-national corporations right down to the corner bakery.  I call it my “Million Dollar Advantage”.

It’s simple to learn, takes a bit of practice to become proficient, and then, it’s off to the races for your career or business.

Your Million Dollar Advantage

It’s not a secret; it’s a skill.

“The Ability to use the Right Words and the Right Images, in the Right Order.”

It’s one of the top five lifetime copywriting lessons, many copywriters won’t tell you about.  It can change your ho-hum marketing into a dynamic powerhouse that generates more clicks, conversions, and customers than you can imagine.  I’ve created and seen increases of 30%, 50%, 100% and more in a short amount of time.  Better writing brings better results.

Once you master this method of communicating increasing your engagements, sales, and revenues can be like turning on a spigot.

The Psychology of Motivation

Highly successful people in many diverse walks of life understand the psychology of motivation.

Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower, wartime leader and peacetime president (1952-1960) gives us one of the best – and most concise – definitions of “motivation” I’ve seen.  If you wish to be an effective communicator, marketer, salesperson, or, yes, copywriter, embrace the idea that a big part of your job – of your life – will be as a motivator.  Read the last six words of Eisenhower’s definition carefully – “because they WANT to do it”.

Copywriters must understand fully their mission – inform, educate, and influence (or motivate).  Your focus must always be, “How can I help the readers make the best decision for them?"  

Customer-Centric Communication

It’s not about you, your product, or your company; it’s all about your customer.

This is what I mean when talking about the Right Words and the Right Images.  Words and images that are totally relevant to the prospect or customers’ needs, wants, and desires when it comes to your product or service.  Relevancy goes right to the heart of your readers.  It says to them, “They understand me”.  There can be no playing games here, no slight of hands or easily misinterpreted words.  You must be real.  You must be honest.  (Also see my article “Don’t Write So That You Can Be Understood, Write So You Can’t Be MISunderstood”.)

People buy from people.  People they like, and people they trust.  Your aim is to be a marketer or copywriter like that.  Then you'll get a benefit as well - better results.

The Right Order

Once you have the words that go to the heart of your readers, your next task is to place them on the page in the Right Order.

Now what does this mean? 

It means that in any learning situation (and believe me, websites, emails, letters, and ads, are learning situations for the reader) you must approach the structuring of you page(s) in a Logical Thought SequenceÔ - or LTS.  Using a Logical Thought Sequence on your website or landing page is simply the easiest way of asking people to read your words – all of them, top to bottom.

  • You start by identifying the ideas, statement, or thoughts most important to your reader – your ideal prospect or customer.
  • Then you arrange them in such a way as thought #1 leads seamlessly into thought #2, which leads into thought # 3, and so on.
  • If you provide the right information to the readers when they’re ready to hear it, they will be giving you mental “Mini-Yesses” (or mini- commitments) each time the move from one thought section to another.
  • These “Mini-Yesses” get them accustomed to saying “yes” when they get to the Call-to-Action, making a conversion more likely.

Logical Thought Sequencing ties in nicely with the Psychology of Motivation.  It provides information when and how the readers want to receive it so they can conclude they’d have to be raving lunatics NOT to do business with you.  In other words: Better Results!

How To Get Your Million Dollar Advantage

“The Ability to use the Right Words and the Right Images, in the Right Order.”

Yes, it’s a simple concept.  Yes, it can be learned in a relatively short time.  But, no, you probably can’t do it without some training.  Out of all the aspiring and emerging copywriters I see at my seminars, answer their questions on Linked In, and of all the business or non-profit leaders I’ve coached, I don’t see one in fifty who come naturally to what I and other Master Copywriters have been practicing for ten, twenty, or thirty years.

If you’d like to read more, let me suggest two webpages to visit.

  1. The latest book in my “Five Buck Book” series is out. You can get all the juicy particulars here.
  2. As you probably know, my passion and my business is helping people boost their success with five Marketing and Copywriting Courses. This link will take you to the main information page.  Look around…there’s a good deal of free information to be had.

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