It’s What You Say – Not Where Your Ad Appears

It’s Your Message That Counts

Your Unique Marketing Message is\\Is All-Important

What’s in your unique marketing message is ten times more important than how someone discovers it.

Did you ever notice that when advertising sales reps approach most business people, they all suggest the same solution for your “problems”?  Their answer to bringing you more business: “Advertise with us!”

Your marketing and advertising isn’t terribly effective and all they can suggest is you change where your ads appear?  “We reach your target demographic” they spout.  Talk about your self-absorbed, one-trick ponies.

As a veteran copywriter and marketing consultant, I am here to give you a critical Advertising Fact Of Life.  Ready?  Here it is.

It's Not Who You Reach, It's What You Say That Counts

If you don’t have a consistent, compelling, unique marketing message your marketing will not work nearly as effectively.  So do yourself a favor and get your message right before you start committing money to an advertising program.  First of all, it's far less expensive to create your message than to communicate it...and I'm the kind of guy who likes saving money AND getting better results.  How about you?

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