Is Your Writing Too Cute?

I am a professional copywriter.  I am not cute.  I don’t try to be cute. I use Intelligent Creativity.

I am a brand strategist and an advertising copywriter.  I use my intelligent creativity to sell products, not not to impress some award committee.  Creativity is wonderful until it ceases to be disciplined - or focused on the objective of selling a product or service. I use the Intelligent Creativity model of short sentences, simple words, easy to grasp concepts and focus in on the benefits to the buyer.

Don’t Fool Your Customers

You've seen the ads with cutesy visuals (like the puppy dog ad below) that have almost  nothing to do with the product or the user.  These images create a false interrupt.  The ads grab your attention but as soon as you understand that they're selling something unrelated, you tune out.  A False Alarm. It can also create consumer anger directed at the marketer.  Why?  "You fooled me.  I was drawn to the dog you tried to sell me something that had nothing to do with dogs, like a book bindery.  You wasted my time." [see ad below]

Even worse, if you were looking for a book bindery, chances are good you'd pass this ad by without engaging Result?  Opportunity squandered and money lost.

Intelligent Creativity - A Formula That Works

  • Speak directly to your ideal customers in their own "language".  I write differently for an audience of Attorneys than I do for an audience of Beauticians.
  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short and concise,
  • Use simple words that everyone understands, so there can be no MIS-understanding that costs sales.
  • Hone in on the benefits to the customer. Your work must be all about the customer.

If Your Headline Or Image Can’t Attract, Baffle ‘Em With The Three B’s – NOT!

There is a saying among copywriters.  If you can’t think of any way to attract the reader – resort to the three B's: babies, beagles, or bosoms (sometimes in combination).

These copywriters employ strategies that feature style over substance, brand awareness over sales and “creativity” over solid marketing fundamentals.  If the product has nothing to do with babies, etc. find another way to attract the reader.

Mega-marketers, like Coke, McDonald’s and adult beverage makers often get overly “creative” and “cute”.  I don't believe in those strategies.

Instead, Intelligent Creativity believes in building a solid case for your product - one that differentiates you from the competition.  One that provides ample and compelling evidence that helps the buyer make an informed decision.  In other words, one that makes the case for doing business with you!  Result?  More interested viewers and increased sales.

Listen To One Of The Original "Madmen"

“I don’t say that by being imaginative that you can just go out and be cute.  I have very often given the example of being able to attract people to an ad by standing a man on his head….  But that is not a good ad unless you’re selling a product that keeps things from falling out of that man’s pockets.”  Bill Bernbach

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