A Marketing STRATEGY That Gets Results

Create A Conversion Strategy That Works

Marketing Strategy That Gets Results

Marketing Strategy (aka What You Say) is the #1 most mishandled, overlooked, under-funded, and misunderstood part of most entrepreneurial businesses, experts agree. 

Did I scare you?  Hope not because developing a killer marketing strategy and message is a huge key to you success - and not too hard to do, either.

Here's What The Big Fish Say

A study of venture capitalists came to some very pointed conclusions. The most cited reason for business failure was the lack of a sound marketing strategy and  plan.

Second was the inability to articulate the value proposition. In other words, you may have a great product or service, but don’t know how to get people to buy it.

Marketing Strategy Makes You Money

Peter Drucker, one of America’s foremost business thinkers points out that “Innovation and marketing make money– everything else is a cost.” Scott DeGarmo, Editor of Success Magazine adds “The big money goes to those with superior marketing…”.  One thing is certain - a good marketing strategy brings success.

We Advertise, So Why Aren’t We Doing Better?

In a noted study, the prestigious Wharton School Of Business concluded that it’s not what you spend that counts, or even necessarily where your ads appear, rather it is the MESSAGE that is the prime determinant of success or failure in marketing and advertising.

Businesses today often spend more effort deciding where to run their ads than they do in developing a clear, concise, and compelling marketing message.  And without a compelling message, your marketing won’t work!

And when they do create a message and communicate it to their target market, it is often one that does not differentiate their business from their competitors.

Always Have A Differentiating Statement

The job of a professional copywriter is to differentiate yourself from your competition so sharply and convincingly that your prospects will in- variably come to the conclusion that: “I would have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone but you—regardless of price”.

Compare Your Ads To Those Of Your Competitors

Are you saying essentially the same things as your competition? If so, your prospects have no way to tell you apart, and so default to buying solely on the basis of price.  And when that happens, the advantage you gained from knowing advanced copywriting techniques, goes flat.

In our experience, we find that those companies that make a solid, evidence- filled case for themselves win the lion’s share of business - even if their prices are a bit higher!

Use “Action Offers”

It’s critical that your ad or optimized website contain motivating “action offers”. Keep in mind that 94% of your prospects are not ready to buy now.  Do not ignore this huge segment of your market.  Find an easy, risk-free way to get information into their hands. Gear at least one offer for them and they will become your “Future Buyers”.

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