Frequently Asked Questions

Write Like A Madman Frequently Asked Questions


You say 100% Original Content, what does that mean?


Alan:  It means that I wrote and/or edited every piece of content on this site myself.  It also means that, with a few exceptions and barring illegal activity and copyright infringement, you shouldn’t see my work on any other website. 


Do you put on seminars or workshops?


Alan:  Yes, but currently only in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  Your Dashboard will always keep you up to date about our speaking engagements.


Can we look forward to any webinars or podcasts?


Ed:  Funny you should ask.  Being a former TV and radio talk show guy, I’m very up on that idea and Alan and I have discussed it.  You can understand, given that WLAM has monopolized our lives for over a year and a half, it hasn’t been a front-burner issue.  That said, if you want us to do podcasts or webinars, let us know.  Tell us what topics you’d like to discuss and, if the response is good, we’ll start planning in a couple of months. You can email me at:


What are the specifics about how your 100% Satisfaction Guarantees work?


Ed:  We want everyone to have a great chance to look around the site and see if it contains the content and the value you expect.  So we give you a “Trial Period” to check us out.  See more details here.


How did you come to put together this much specific content in one place?


Alan:   While still in college, I started my career with a Top 5 International Madison Avenue Ad Agency (like in MadMen on TV).  There, I honed my writing skills and learned wonderful principles, techniques, and secrets from numerous mentors, including a couple of the original Madmen.  After a while I saw that using my skills to market my own business could be more profitable for me.  Write Like A Madman is a culmination of my careers as an agency writer, freelance writer and small business owner/marketer.  I learned many lessons on the way and fell into some giant potholes, too.  My goal is to give you as much of my knowledge and experience as possible so you succeed both in business and in life.