Don’t Overlook The Back Of Your Business Card

More Space For Your Marketing Message

Business Card Marketing

Your business card is generally the first marketing piece people get from you.  Make it count in more ways than one!  And you've never heard of Business Card Marketing?  Well let me wow you with information.

If You Don't Have A Business Card, How Can You Be In Business?

Everyone – or just about everyone – has a business card.  Your card is the first marketing piece many prospects see from you.  Knowing this, you take great pains to make it as attractive and professional as possible.  But many of us stop short of understanding that this tiny little nothing can actually educate and motivate.  By adding such things as your logo, your tagline, a map to your facility, and even your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), Marketing Message or Value Proposition. Think about it.

Keep Your Design Consistent With Your Business

Cards vary in design.  Doctors would never want a card with attention grabbing color graphics and tag lines touting the business and its products, nor would a true marketer want the staid professional look that lawyers and funeral directors prefer.

Wasted Space Can Offer You An Opportunity

But here’s something many business professionals have in common.  Wasted space.  If your business card is blank on the back you’re missing an opportunity to put additional information, maps, appointment reminders or even, as a friend of mine does, to just have the word “NOTES” on the back along with his phone number.  Quite a number of people like to write notes to themselves on your card.  Where you met, what you discussed, when to call next, etc.  One last hint…if you want the back used mostly for Notes, make sure it is not in a glossy finish.  Pens don’t do well on gloss.

Business Card As A Marketing Piece

Most small business people - and a lot of corporate America do not see the advantages of business card marketing.  It's small and easily portable. It's personal.  And, depending how you use it, it has a fairly good chance of being retained by the person who receives it.

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