Digital Marketers – Don’t Be A One-Trick Pony – Add Digital Copywriting To Your Skills

Add Digital Copywriting to your skill set and watch your business or career take off.

Digital Marketers: Don’t Be A One Trick Pony... Add Digital Copywriting to your skill set and watch your business take off.

Why are most digital marketing-based small businesses underperforming? 

The answer is spectacularly simple.  Most of these businesses have a competent, maybe even expert, digital marker/social media specialist, on board.  Doubtless, they are bringing in some clients.  But how many are they missing because – through no fault of their own – they haven’t been trained in digital copywriting?

Digital what?!?  Digital Copywriting?!?  Yes!

Today’s Small Business Marketing Requires A Second Skill Set

It’s understandable for companies and entrepreneurs to get so caught up in the mania of Google Ads, Linked-In Navigator, Facebook/Instagram ads, and the like that they “don’t see the forest for the trees”.

In this case, the “forest” is Copywriting.  And copy appearing on digital platforms is central to enhancing the effectiveness of your digital presence.  Thus, digital copywriting – or applying the techniques, strategies, and formulas of the World’s Best Copywriters – is absolutely, positively necessary if you wish to up your game and dramatically increase your ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment).

And who doesn’t want more revenue without adding a dime to your marketing budget?

Digital Copywriting – The All-Trick Pony

The use of the word “All” in product descriptions has mushroomed over he past few decades…All Wheel Drive…All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)…the All-In-One Printer.

For our purposes, the “All-Trick Pony” of digital copywriting embodies a person – or a team – having both a digital expert and a copywriting expert.  With those two skill sets represented on the team, you are in prime position to boost your clicks, conversions, and sales.  Put those two skills in one person, and you have (or you are) an extremely valuable resource indeed.  Currently, there are far too few All-Trick Ponies in small business in small business marketing. 

To solidify my point, I wrote an article last year entitled, “Techies Can’t Write; Writers Can’t Tech”.

Good News For Techies

In my nearly forty year copywriting career, with the last twenty-one years helping people learn to be copywriters, I have found one enormous thing to be true:  it is easier to teach a tech specialist to be an excellent digital copywriter, than the other way around.

Not only do I speak from experience, but from personal angst.  You see, I am a Master Copywriter but, no matter how hard and diligently I try, I cannot master the art of the digital.  I hire competent digital help to place my copy and images properly on the web, so I can be more effective in recruiting “students” for my online copywriting and marketing courses and coaching services.

I believe, in the next five to ten years, more and more digital specialists will be adding copywriting to their skill set and becoming true digital copywriters, adding value to their companies and themselves.  And amen to that.

A Damn-Near Free Way To Learn A Lot More

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