Why Is Conversion Copywriting Is Critical To Your Success?


Conversion Copywriting should be your goal - especially on the web

Conversion Copywriting or Optimization:  Writing your copy with the objective of having your reader take the action (aka conversion) you wish them to take.

  • Buy Now
  • Make An Appointment
  • Clip the Coupon
  • Get Your Free Report...and many more

Optimize (Improve, Heighten, Elevate, Raise, Boost)

Let's start by getting a grip on our terminology.  Conversion Copywriting (or Optimization) is simply providing your reader (or website visitor) with a consistent and Logical Thought Process that can be easily followed and contains nothing that can cause confusion or a separation of focus.

What Happens When Your Readers Access Your Site?

First of all, they need to get - within a very few seconds - the answer to the question, "Am I in the right place?"  If the answer is yes, it's like they're giving you a little "Thumbs Up", and they then continue on your site.  If the answer is no, they're giving you a "Thumbs Down", and they choose to leave.  So, the idea of Conversion Copy/Optimization is to keep them on the site, following your Logical Thought Process.  And, at each juncture (or transition from one thought to the next) they given you another little Thumbs Up and stay on your page.

Several Little Thumbs Up Often Lead To A BIG Thumbs Up

Now comes the moment we've all been waiting for...the Big Ask, the Main Objective of your page, the Call-To-Action (CTA).  Hopefully, we've amassed sufficient little Thumbs Up to make it seamlessly easy for the reader to take that last step and click on our CTA and Get an Appointment, Request your Free Report, Buy Now, Subscribe, etc., etc., etc.

The trick is to position your CTA at a place on the page where the reader has enough information, but not so much that their interest wanes.  Timing is everything.

[NOTE: To find out loads more about CTAs, please see my Marketing Guide, "5 Steps To More Clicks".

So...Where Does The Copywriting Part Come In?

Conversion Copywriting is simply a specific advanced form of copywriting.  You follow all the general Copywriting techniques, (read Learn The Secrets Of The World's Best Copywriters) and add an acute awareness of the objective of the page, or ad, or postcard.

Most marketing people cannot write, says ad legend David Ogilvy.  Do you want these folks in charge of your killer marketing message?

David Ogilvy, one of the legendary “Madmen” figures in advertising and copywriting said this, “[Businesses and Advertising Agencies] are infested with men and women who cannot write.  They cannot write advertisements and they cannot write plans.  They are as helpless as deaf mutes on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera.”

OK Dave, tell us how you really feel.

Professional Copywriting Is Both A Science And An Art.

It takes talent, training and experience.  Sadly, too many small businesses – and some sizable ones – place their unique differentiating messaging (a crucial aspect of marketing) in the hands of relatively inexperienced juniors who, like a bland meal, need a lot more seasoning.  Here's some help for you.  Get my Free Check List, 20 Commandments for Copywriters.  (Don't be fooled...this check list has helped lots of veteran professionals, too.)

There is almost nothing more important to small businesses in this day of websites and landing pages than conversion copywriting.  Learn how to do it well and it will pay dividends far into the future.  Some overly loud voices refer to this as "making money while you sleep".  Me, I just call it writing like a pro.

I am a long-term professional copywriter who’s worked with international agencies and small businesses alike.  My tip for today is to find a very good conversion copywriter (ask to see samples of his or her work) pay them by the project and get far better work for far fewer dollars.  They’ll even spend time training and mentoring your “juniors”.


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