Write Conversationally

Too many business owners and marketers write in an overly formal or overly salesy manner.  If you want people to listen to what you say, speak and write conversationally. People relate to people.  That’s why professional copywriters most often write conversationally – as if they’re talking to a friend across the kitchen table.  Here are […]

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Professional Copywriters Break The Rules...And Win

Copywriters Break Grammar Rules And Live To Collect Bonuses

Put aside that AP stylebook, cast off your fears of the grammar police and get on to being a successful professional copywriter.  We break Grammar Rules intentionally. Who Are You Trying To Communicate With? If I were writing for a bunch of English professors, I’d say, “With whom are you trying to communicate?”  Sometimes you […]

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Recession Marketing-How To Prosper In A Slow Economy

Marketing In A Recession “They” tell us it’s coming. Recession is a term used to signify a slowdown in general economic activity (spending) lasting more than a few months. In the U.S. Recessions are declared by a committee at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and are characterized by higher unemployment, a rise in […]

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Why Franchisors Fail

Why Do Franchisors Fail?

6 Reasons Why Franchisors Fail Why Franchisors Fail is a hotly debated issue in this industry.  Money, Arrogance, Greed and Unjustified Expectations are often at the core. Thinking of franchising your business?  We’ve seen many companies succeed and some fail.  Virtually all franchisors that don’t make it commit one (and usually more) of these six […]

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