Ready To Buy Yet?

Have You Ever Called A Prospect To Ask If They’re Ready To Buy Yet? Like All Good Salespersons, You Diligently Follow Up A Sales Call Whether the prospect has been generated by online ads, social media, traditional advertising, or a personal referral – they deserve the courtesy of a call-back.  In fact, they expect it.  […]

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The BETTER Elevator Pitch

The Better Elevator Pitch™ Aim for a conversation – not a monologue – with this two-step approach Yesterday’s Elevator Pitch A short summary used to quickly and simply define a profession, product, service, organization, or event and its value proposition in answer to the question “What do you do?”  The name “elevator pitch” reflects the […]

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taste test comparison

The A/B Ruse – Taste Test Comparison

Do you believe the results of those taste test comparisons where people choose between A and B?   You won’t after you read this.   “In Blind, Head-To-Head, Taste Test Comparisons, People Chose Tweedledee Two To One Over Tweedledum.” Proving what?  This marketing technique seems to say this ‘proves’ Tweedledee is better than Tweedledum.   Therefore, you […]

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Build Your Opt-In List The Right Way

I’ll Trade This Helpful Info For Your E-Mail Address

“Hey!  Psst!  Yeah, you.  I’ll trade you this helpful info for your Email address.  That’s right, free and without obligation.  You’ll get my weekly emails, called Tuesday TWIZDOMS, and you can unsubscribe from my Opt-In List any time you get a notion.  Yes, that’s true…so, what have you got to lose?” Why do I do […]

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How do you treat Future Buyers?

What Are Now Buyers And Future Buyers?

Now Buyers and Future Buyers.  Many businesses have them.  It’s how they approach them that sets the winners apart from the non-winners.  Now Buyers and Future Buyers.  Each group has their own special interests, needs, and wants.  If you choose to approach them in the same way, with the same message, and the same offers, […]

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