One Costly Marketing Mistake

Finding and fixing this one costly marketing mistake could boost the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising tremendously This one costly mistake robs your marketing and advertising of selling power It cuts your returns by 30% or more.  This one mistake costs you in time, in money, and in lost sales. This one costly mistake […]

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Too Many Sales Can Hurt

Are Too Many Sales Training Customers NOT To Buy?

The Case Of Too Many Sales.  There was a men’s clothing store near where I worked in New York City that had too many sales.  Its was in the 1970’s.  Every weekend they had a HUGE SALE OF ALL SALES.  On Monday, the prices were back to normal.  I had seen numerous shirts, sweaters, and […]

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Learn Copywriting

The Three C’s Of Copywriting

You’re a small business entrepreneur.  An expert at your business.  Yet, now you find yourself beset by the requirements of marketing your company, your product or your service.  And you think, “I better Learn Copywriting because I want to do the best for my business and I want it to succeed.  So…where can I Learn […]

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“Ahhh!” That Refreshes – Emotion Copywriting

The “Ahhh!” That Refreshes and Emotion Copywriting When someone takes a drink and then goes “Ahhh!” it means the drink is tasty, refreshing and satisfying, right?  Not so fast….read on.  But don’t get too emotional. Emotion Copywriting One of the talents good copywriters bring to the table is the ability to add an emotional component […]

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God Bless Bedrock Entrepreneurs

God Bless All “Bedrock” Entrepreneurs

Bedrock Entrepreneurs are those small business men and women you meet every day.  They’re local, they’re part of your community, they may even be your employer or neighbor.  Without or Bedrock Entrepreneurs, this would be a far less hospitable and opportunity-laden place to live. Are you a Bedrock Entrepreneur?  Do you have a business with […]

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