Get A Website That Gives You Results

No Website? – Get One Now!

Are you in business, or planning to start a business?  Then you absolutely, positively should have a website. If you don’t have a website – get one now. Once you have one, here’s a check list to make sure it’s doing its job. A website fulfills two basic functions for the average (non e-tail) small […]

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Conversion Copywriting should be your goal - especially on the web

Conversion Copywriting Is Critical To Your Success

Conversion Copywriting or Optimization:  Writing your copy with the objective of having your reader take the action (aka conversion) you wish them to take. Buy Now Make An Appointment Clip the Coupon Get Your Free Report…and many more Optimize (Improve, Heighten, Elevate, Raise, Boost) Let’s start by getting a grip on our terminology.  Conversion Copywriting […]

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Write To Your Audience

Write For Your Audience & Like Your Customers Speak

If you want to create Radical WebPower, great emails that convert, and ads and brochures that get read, follow this simple rule…Write for your Audience! I was watching a baseball game with some friends.  As the batter advanced to the plate I mentioned, “Watch this guy.  He’s got a .580 on base percentage against southpaws.  […]

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Continually Educate Your Customers And Prospects

Educate Customers with great, helpful information to keep you in the forefront of their minds. Do You Think Your Customers Are Smart? “Of course, they’d have to be.  They’re MY customers.”  Good thought and probably true.  But what may happen if a rival starts to send gifts of helpful and useful information to your customers, […]

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