What is Circular Reasoning and how is it used in marketing?

What Is Circular Reasoning?

Advertisers have been using Circular Reasoning to sell products for almost ever.  Advocates would say it helps give a mental picture to an undefinable quality, like softness, smoothness, or strength.  Opponents would counter with “yes, but the connection between the reasoning and the exact truth is not provable. Like a metaphor…strong as a Redwood, she […]

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Tell More Sell More – A Great Marketing Strategy

Tell More Sell More– A Great Marketing Strategy by Alan Tarr On an out-of-town trip recently, I finished my speaking engagement for the day, and it was creeping up on dinnertime. In my hotel room there was a plastic stand with postcard ads from nearby restaurants, clubs, and attractions.  I picked out a few and […]

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“Ahhh!” That Refreshes – Emotion Copywriting

The “Ahhh!” That Refreshes and Emotion Copywriting When someone takes a drink and then goes “Ahhh!” it means the drink is tasty, refreshing and satisfying, right?  Not so fast….read on.  But don’t get too emotional. Emotion Copywriting One of the talents good copywriters bring to the table is the ability to add an emotional component […]

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Change your customer's life for the better

Wanna Be A Better Marketer? Improve Your Customer’s Life – Even For A Day

Wanna Be A Better Marketer?  Simple!  Improve Your Customer’s’ Life! Think of something wonderful about your product(s) or service(s) and how they will improve your customer’s life, and you’ll be a great success. People Are Motivated To Buy What Helps Them Why do people buy “things”?  Sometimes they buy them because they need them.  Sometimes […]

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God Bless Bedrock Entrepreneurs

God Bless All “Bedrock” Entrepreneurs

Bedrock Entrepreneurs are those small business men and women you meet every day.  They’re local, they’re part of your community, they may even be your employer or neighbor.  Without or Bedrock Entrepreneurs, this would be a far less hospitable and opportunity-laden place to live. Are you a Bedrock Entrepreneur?  Do you have a business with […]

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