What is Circular Reasoning and how is it used in marketing?

What Is Circular Reasoning?

Advertisers have been using Circular Reasoning to sell products for almost ever.  Advocates would say it helps give a mental picture to an undefinable quality, like softness, smoothness, or strength.  Opponents would counter with “yes, but the connection between the reasoning and the exact truth is not provable. Like a metaphor…strong as a Redwood, she […]

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Optimize Conversion Rates Now

How Can I Boost My Conversion Rates Now?

How Can I Boost My Conversion Rates Now? Of all the questions marketers and copywriters ask, how to increase Conversion Rates, is well up the “importance” chart. In fact, for many currently engaged in offering products or services though websites, landing pages(s), email campaigns, or advertisements, it might just be the existential question, the answer […]

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