Be Different From Your Competitors In At Least One Meaningful Way!

Be Different From Your Competitors In At Least One Meaningful Way!

Buying choices are made on differences – not similarities.  Here’s how to make them choose you.

It is your job as a marketer to set your company or product apart from your competitors in the mind of your prospect.

When I start with a new client I always ask, “What makes you different – and therefore better – than the competition?”  Unfortunately the responses are often trite, vague and uninspiring. 

  • “We treat you like family.”
  • “We’ve been in business since 1822.”
  • “We go the extra mile for you.”

If I’m going to buy from you, I want a reason I can sink my teeth into.  Every business MUST have at least one compelling and meaningful difference they can express in a few simple, well-chosen words.

Talk About A Benefit Your Competition Doesn’t

Promote a benefit they either cannot – or do not - offer.  Remember M&Ms?  “The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hands.”  Does this say anything about the quality, taste or creaminess or the chocolate?  No.  M&Ms built an empire on one thing - giving your kids chocolate without the chocolate mess.

Burger King made its mark with a great differentiator.  “Have it your way.”  It was the best selling proposition they ever used.  Why they went away from it, most of us will never know.  I don’t think they know.

Ask Your Customers

Can’t come up with a powerful and compelling difference?  Ask your customers why they buy from you.  It’s the cheapest – and probably the most accurate – marketing survey you can do.  And it’s free!

If your clients highlight one or two reasons consistently – and your competitors are not using it – it’s yours! 

  • “You always have what I need.”
  • “Your staff is knowledgeable and courteous.”
  • “Your product lasts long and has very few problems.”

          These are great answers you can turn into great differentiating tag lines.  Now, go ahead and differentiate the heck out of your business.  It will pay dividends.

Author’s Note:

Many business owners need help in crafting their branding statements, advertising, online web copywriting and content, press releases and the like.  I encourage you to find a good branding strategy consultant/professional copywriter who can take what’s in your heart and your head and put it in a way that will let you reach your goal of educating your prospects, allowing them to conclude they would have to be raving lunatics if they didn’t do business with you.


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By Alan Tarr, The MoneyWords Copywriter

Author of The 7 Deadly Sins Of Marketing