God Bless Bedrock Entrepreneurs

God Bless All “Bedrock” Entrepreneurs

Bedrock Entrepreneurs are those small business men and women you meet every day.  They’re local, they’re part of your community, they may even be your employer or neighbor.  Without or Bedrock Entrepreneurs, this would be a far less hospitable and opportunity-laden place to live. Are you a Bedrock Entrepreneur?  Do you have a business with […]

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Top 10 Reasons For Hiring A Marketing Advisor

Hiring An Outside Marketing Advisor Can Bring Expertise, Flexibility, And Objectivity “Doing It Up Yourself Often Equals Screwing It Up Yourself!” When does spending a little extra money make sense in business?  When it can save you a whole lot of money, time, and grief later on. I’ve been involved in marketing for over thirty years, […]

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Franchise Facts

6 Franchise Facts Of Life

The 6 Franchise Facts Of Life are often “misplaced” in the fog of exuberance when thinking about franchising your business.  Pursuing Franchising is a difficult decision when a business owner is in possession of Franchise Facts, but damn near impossible without them. Straight Talk About Franchising I’ve worked with Jack Eberenz of Franchise Integration, for more […]

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Write To Your Audience

Write For Your Audience & Like Your Customers Speak

If you want to create Radical WebPower, great emails that convert, and ads and brochures that get read, follow this simple rule…Write for your Audience! I was watching a baseball game with some friends.  As the batter advanced to the plate I mentioned, “Watch this guy.  He’s got a .580 on base percentage against southpaws.  […]

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Techies Can't Write

Techies Can’t Write; Writers Can’t Tech

Techies can’t write; writers can’t tech.  O.K.  O.K.  I know it’s a gross generalization.  But the thing is, generalizations like this exist because – for the most part – they’re true.  Maybe it’s a right (write) brain/left brain thing.  I am a right brainer that means I do all the writing, mock-up designs and layouts, […]

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