Build Your Opt-In List The Right Way

I’ll Trade This Helpful Info For Your E-Mail Address

“Hey!  Psst!  Yeah, you.  I’ll trade you this helpful info for your Email address.  That’s right, free and without obligation.  You’ll get my weekly emails, called Tuesday TWIZDOMS, and you can unsubscribe from my Opt-In List any time you get a notion.  Yes, that’s true…so, what have you got to lose?” Why do I do […]

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Get A Website That Gives You Results

No Website? – Get One Now!

Are you in business, or planning to start a business?  Then you absolutely, positively should have a website. If you don’t have a website – get one now. Once you have one, here’s a check list to make sure it’s doing its job. A website fulfills two basic functions for the average (non e-tail) small […]

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What Is Marketing – Really?

”Marketing Is One of the Most Misunderstood Words in Business” One of the fundamental rules of marketing and copywriting is WRITE CLEARLY.  In fact, it’s not enough to write so you can be understood.  You must write so you can’t be MISunderstood.  How ironic is it then, that the work “Marketing” itself is so often […]

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One Costly Marketing Mistake

Finding and fixing this one costly marketing mistake could boost the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising tremendously This one costly mistake robs your marketing and advertising of selling power It cuts your returns by 30% or more.  This one mistake costs you in time, in money, and in lost sales. This one costly mistake […]

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Story Copywriting, a great art to learn

How To Sell Your Product With A Story

Story Copywriting, that is selling your product by using a real story.  The story delivers your marketing message is a subtle and , oh so pleasant way.  But deliver it it does. Sometimes, the best way to sell your product or service is by not seeming to sell your product or service   Read this […]

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