Marketing For Non-Profits

Marketing For Non-Profits For-profit businesses put great effort and expense into marketing so they can generate the funds needed to operate and succeed.  They procure or manufacture their products – or the equipment to deliver their services – pay their employees, their taxes, and their overhead.  Then, if there’s anything left over, they pay their […]

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The Burger Wars – How Burger King Almost Beat McDonald’s

The Burger Wars – How Burger King Almost Beat McDonald’s: The Story Of A Tagline It seems little more than a fantasy now, but once, about 50 years ago, upstart Burger King almost beat McDonald’s in the Burger Wars. McDonald’s was the first truly successful hamburger chain/franchise.  No one could come close.  Whenever Ray Kroc, […]

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I am a Professional Copywriter

I Am A Professional Copywriter

I educate, inform and influence.  I am a professional copywriter.   Conversion copywriters and brand strategists like me understand that one of the biggest failings of small business is the lack of a consistent, compelling message.  How can you expect prospects to choose to do business with you if you don’t give them reasons to […]

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