Words should Differentiate

Clichés I Never Want To See Or Hear Again

Stay away from the Clichés. Pass on the Platitudes.  Bash the Banal.  Skip the Stale and Meaningless.  And hang the Hackneyed and Humdrum. Platitudes and Clichés can make your website invisible.  Words that Differentiate you make your website and ads powerful Do your website, landing pages, or advertisements contain any of these? “We Go The […]

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You Need Marketing

The Mousetrap Claptrap

Why You Need Marketing And Copywriting Remember this well-known quote that most people swear by? “Build A Better Mousetrap And The World Will Beat A Path To Your Door.” Ralph Waldo Emerson Now, old R.W. was a super-wonderful intellect, essayist and poet, but in this case, he was just wrong, wrong, wrong! What if you […]

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Too Many Sales Can Hurt

Are Too Many Sales Training Customers NOT To Buy?

The Case Of Too Many Sales.  There was a men’s clothing store near where I worked in New York City that had too many sales.  Its was in the 1970’s.  Every weekend they had a HUGE SALE OF ALL SALES.  On Monday, the prices were back to normal.  I had seen numerous shirts, sweaters, and […]

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Money Or Message

Money Or Message – Which Is More Important In Marketing

Which is more important to your success as a marketer, Money or Message?   A team from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania set out to establish the definitive answer to that very question. The Answer: Your Unique Message is more predictive of success. Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Colgate-Palmolive and a host of […]

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