Features And Benefits

Turn Features Into Benefits In The Minds Of Your Customers

Are you talking Features while your prospects are listening for Benefits?  More companies, small and large, make this crucial mistake all too often.  Sadly, it can be a very expensive foul-up.   A number of years ago, I was retained by a technology company to help write the messaging for their new product.  I faced […]

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Sometimes The Product Sells Itself – Product Testing

PRODUCT TESTING How do we come to have such definitive preferences?  How consumer product testing can compare two products in different preference tests, and the outcome can be completely opposite. Pepsi vs Coke. Ford vs Chevy. Coors vs Bud. PC vs Mac.  We humans credit ourselves with intelligent choice making, but maybe…just maybe, we’re too […]

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Why Your Website Doesn’t Produce

Your website is your most important marketing tool – treat it as such It is the place people go when they are considering doing business with you. Your website should be as attention grabbing, well written, informative, and motivational as you can possibly make it. Here’s the problem. More than seven out of ten websites […]

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