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Write Like A MADMAN (or WLAM for short) is a complete, original, Online Marketing Toolbox dedicated to helping small business owners everywhere generate more conversions and more sales without adding a dime to your marketing budgets.

Most small businesses lose sales for a very simple – and fixable – reason. The marketing message they put out is not strong enough to create interest, desire, and action in your prospects.

WLAM is a Marketing Toolbox and resource for small business entrepreneurs.  It's for learning (and re-learning) the proven fundamentals of marketing messages, branding, and copywriting. The site consists of over 310 pieces of great, helpful, 100% original, easy to understand and implement, “How-To” information.

The Benefits Of A Marketing Toolbox

Your Write Like A Madman Marketing Toolbox gives you multiple ways to learn and prosper.


Tutorials & Courses
Step-By-Step "How-To's"
Marketing Guides & Templates
TWIZDOMS (Marketing Wisdom in Twitter-sized bites)

With these benefits, and more at your fingertips, you can shortly become a better marketing strategist, copywriter, and website success story.
Thanks for your interest in WLAM,

Alan Tarr
Chief Content Officer

P.S. >> For all my small business entrepreneur friends.

A few years ago, I was doing numerous marketing workshops and seminars as well as in-person trainings and individual consulting.  It was quite satisfying work, but here's what I found.  Even though I worked with and helped over 3,000 small business owners, I realized that was only a fraction - and a small one at that - of the small businesses that really needed help and guidance.  

So, I started to write down, in the form of Tutorials, Guides, Articles, and Videos, everything I knew, studied, experienced and learned about copywriting, messaging, and website content and structure.  My aim is to make those available to small business entrepreneurs everywhere, not just within 500 miles of where I live.  Hence, the Online Marketing Toolbox. 

Along with a friend and partner (who is very talented in areas I am not - like tech, Infusionsoft CRM, and WordPress).  We started putting the various materials on line...making a ton of free content available.  Then we found out how to deliver these hundreds of pieces of marketing How-To's to you through the internet.  It wasn't easy, but finally everything fell into place.

I hope you enjoy Write Like A Madman, our blog - with over 50 articles, and Tuesday TWIZDOMS™, our weekly quick-read tip sheet.  And, if you like what you see, I hope you will become a member.  We're keeping the price as reasonable as we can (and it comes with a money-back guarantee).  Hope to see you on our 100% original Marketing Toolbox real soon.